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No matter how big your school is.

XTUDY has a plan for your school. See what fits your requirement. cannot find?

XTUDY Connect

This is what could be termed as the backbone of the school management service that we so truly believe in; in its ways to change the education system in India. From school management to connecting parents, teachers and students, all in one platform, Xtudy connect ensures the best services for the three.

Students can study better, teachers can manage their classes and exams even better, and even parents are the first-hand and direct reviewer of the school and their ward’s progress. Know More

XTUDY Announce

Yes, as the name suggests, it’s all announced. Nothing, no matter how big or small it is, escapes parents, teachers and students. From push-notifications to SMS services, from direct accessibility via email services to voice searches, Xtudy announce feature ensures that the connectivity of any sort is never lost between parents, teachers and students.

XTUDY Extentions

This mainly the collective feature of Xtudy. Teachers can provide online quizzes, students can not only take those tests but also use the feature to upload their study material and start a discussion. Online payment of tuition fees, hostel fees, and mess bills can be done online. This feature also provides a good platform to the school management as a whole wherein a school ensures everything is carried out online. For the parents, they are in a direct view of how his ward is performing at the school, among other features. Know More

XTUDY Hardware

This feature includes two important services- online student ID cards and an exclusive GPS system. A student’s ID card is his identity inside the premises and all kinds of ID cards, in bulk, can be ordered from here. A school needs to inform us and we provide the ID Cards.

The GPS service incorporates the safety of all the vehicles connected to a school, from school buses to private cars of staff members. Even a student knows as to when his school bus will arrive at his stop.


This is the brain and the spine of the school management service, Xtudy at its best. From providing everything about a new admission, to a student’s online space of certificates, from paying online in just one click, to an online attendance system, ERP is all about making the school management service digital and making sure that the paper work is minimalized and everything gets organized. Know More

Do More with XTUDY Tracker

Get location updates of buses in real time and get notified before it reaches your location. Also make sure your bus is not speeding. More